Welcome to the blog of Beth, Bad and Beyond

Why this blog?   Hey, this is one nana who likes to keep up with change. I’ll try anything once. Twice if I really like it.

[Counting down: 35 weeks until the next president is sworn in and you-know-who is clearing brush in Crawford. Oh, happy day!]


Wrong of passage


I never had a bat mitzvah. So I’m marking this rite of passage—my first blog—with great reverence.


Today I am a blogger. Can the gold-plated pen-and-pencil sets be far behind?


When I began freelancing nearly 30 years ago, writing was its own excuse for being. You wrote, you pitched, you published. Sometimes they paid.


That was then.


Today, the experts (whoever they are) say a blog is de rigeur if I want to sell my writing.


Do I want to sell my writing? Jeez, does Howdy Doody have a wooden tush?


Speaking of tushes, I plan to shake mine, figuratively speaking.


Toward that end, I hope to entertain, inform, maybe even enlighten you.


Check back here weekly for posts on writing, family, travel, relationships, health, food, life’s absurdities and anything else that strikes my fancy.



And the award goes to Beth, Bad and Beyond


I want to thank the editors, publishers and agents who’ve encouraged (some would say, pushed) me to achieve this milestone.


My everlasting gratitude goes to Guy, the PC Guy, for his technical help. 


Have a great week!




27 responses to “Welcome to the blog of Beth, Bad and Beyond

  1. Congratulations!
    Well done. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Wow, as I live and breathe, the Beth blog…oh happy day!

    Seriously, folks, come back often. I know this gal, and believe me when I say she can deliver a writing “lesson” with wit and wisdom. Heck, you’ll have such fun, you won’t even realize you’re learning.

    A word to the slump-shouldered few who’re groaning like a teen whilst mumbling “I already KNOW everything”? Well, come back anyway. Even a bored bopper deserves a good laugh now and then!

    Way to go, Beth. Knowing there’s a really cool writing place to visit online is music to my ears. (Is it pass-aye to say “I’ll be Bach?”)

  3. Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Blogisphere!!

    glad you got everything online. Looks Good.


  4. And she’s off. Here’s to a much success in the bloisphere and beyond.


  5. Looovvve the title. Very catchy!!!

  6. Oh, so now they’re letting REAL writers have blogs. Guess I’ll have to step up my game.

    Seriously, welcome to the best writing exercise there is. After the inspired title, I can’t wait to see what you have to say next week.

  7. Welcome to the Blogopshere Beth!

  8. Delighted to hear about your blog. I look forward to picking up lots of writing tips. Your editing of two of my stories was instrumental in getting them published in the US and UK.
    Congratulations, master of words. I’m certain I’ll see you on Oprah some day.

  9. Beth is my fabulous cousin and she’s been wacky, wonderful and talented for as long as I’ve been alive which is quite a while. 🙂
    Here’s to the BB!

  10. Louie/Fire Starter/2DF

    I am feeling so many, many emotions right now; this is the first time I have ever blogged….or am I a blogee?
    It is so wonderful that I can read Beth: Bad and Beyond (super title) without putting a brown paper wrapper around her writings.
    Seriously, I have enjoyed Beth’s writing and wit…and because I love to read what she writes, my family has been to Disney 432 times.
    I am proud to be a blogee on this blog site.
    Bottoms Up! (and I really mean that)

  11. wow- never been to a blog before! mea culpa.
    I’ve been a fan of Beth’s ever since I was seven years old. And she’s about seven years younger than I am.
    This page is going on my favorites! Ooops- can I do that?

  12. Wow! I’m so proud of my favorite cousin. Nana Elizabeth is spinning around right now making everyone up there look at her little Beth’s Blog. She has every right to be proud…we all are and we all love you Beth.

  13. Brudder "Butch"

    I am blogged away and really impressed! I know you did not inherit any Techie genes from Dad who learned to dial a phone shortly before his passing or Ma who just mastered the use of DVD player.

    Keep on Bloggin’

  14. What a great title! Looking forward to reading more!

  15. Good morning Beth. Thank you so much for sending me the notice of you new blog page this morning – June 4th. I am so excited to hear from you and will check back often.
    I blog occasionally on my web page.
    Guess I need to step up my game 🙂

  16. Oh my gawd! You are a blogger?

    Now you have done it…you have sparked a tech-ie competitiveness. I don’t know what to do first? Get a computer, get cable tv or use a cell phone for the first time.

    Please pour your words into the ether for you are the most clever, talented and beautiful cousin that ever existed.

  17. clint eastwood

    You’ll hear from my attorney anon. Son-of-a-gun . You’d think my work would be sacred and then this little ole trick of yours pops up.

    So, when Charlie Anon comes calling, better be ready with a clever retort. he’s one clever barrister. You’ve met your match !!!!!!!

  18. Csilla Sadloch

    Great start Beth! Hope your humor and insight branches wide and gains a loyal audience.

    I’ll be joining your weekly circle with my morning cup of coffee. What a great way to stay connected.

  19. Anita Allingham

    Dear Beth, Bad and Beyond 🙂

    I LOVE your blog, your book idea, AND picture…………I always wondered what you look like, but never dreamed you were soooooooooo BEAUTIFUL and smart too!!!!

    I can’t wait to get “Split Ends” (although I’ve always had them anyway ! ) I haven’t heard from you in a looong time, but now I know why……you’ve been “wearing out several bathrobes” and writing.

    I still love “WASHINGTON, d.c. With Kids.” I give them to all my friends (east and west coast) as natal day etc. gifts.

    With warmest regards Beth,

    Anita Allingham

  20. Beth, I’ve read the articles and loved them each for their own unique spin shown on life! AND I love that you have this blog! Your site is going into my favs for keeping up…lol…

    You only continue to improve…go Tomato!

  21. (Tomato?)

    So where is everybody? These are the first words here since late June. This area in August is beginning to feel like France where the entire population disappears for that month. (No, you myopic narrow-minded ignoramous, that is NOT a good thing!)

    Beth, I’ve been a fan of yours for years now … and I love your writing, too! So tell me about “Beth, Bad, and Beyond” (or just tell me about “Beth, Bad” and I’ll listen lustfully. You’re right on, Anita, Beth is one nice-looking lady … even now, all these years after that picture on her website was taken. No, seriously, she’s a fox!)

    So, why a Blog? I can’t my arms around what a Blog is all about. (I can’t even decide whether or not it’s supposed to be written with an upper case “B”! And I’m with Louie up there: who’s the “blogER” and who’s the “blogEE?) It’s a forum, yes? Without the togas and marble pillars. A place to meet and converse? But certainly not anonymously. You’re naked to the world. Ya gotta be real careful what you write in a Blog.

    What are all those quilt-like patches up there next to everybody’s stuff? Am I gonna get one?

    Writing in a Blog somehow reminds me of those dreams we’ve all had at one time or another in which we’re suddenly walking through an unfamiliar restaurant or across a strange hotel lobby in our underwear … or less. (Trying to find our togas?) Remember? (Or are some of you out there still having those dreams?)

    So I’m gonna sign off before I write something I’ll regret. Maybe I already have.


  22. Wow! Cool! I got a quilty thing! I like it …

  23. Where IS everybody … ? Blogs are OK if there’s some dialogue … Otherwise they just clutter up cyberspace and send their owners (creators? setter-uppers? bloggers!) into deep depression!

    So, Hey! Louie (up there, May 22) … I watched a great little movie the other night, Blue State, in which the lead is, among other things, a BlogGER. At one point, he meets this dizzy blonde who gushes all over him about her being once of his BlogGEES … So there you have it: Beth’s the Blogger, we’re her Bloggees … I guess.

    Naked to the World, I am

    (“Bottoms Up” … ?)

  24. Debbie Buchanan

    Love, the Sarah Palin, think I am going to run for pres/vp one ,, you knew I would-

    Strap yourselves in and turn on the Crinch-o-meter, I think we are going to need it tonight
    (vp debates)
    Great Site Beth!!- loved all of them –

  25. Debbie Buchanan

    Love, the Sarah Palin, think I am going to run for pres/vp one ,, you knew I would-

    Strap yourselves in and turn on the Cringe-o-meter, I think we are going to need it tonight
    (vp debates)
    Great Site Beth!!- loved all of them –

  26. Enjoyed all your writings, particularly about Father. I have often been asked, do you look like your mother or your father.

    Pondering the question and rubbing my chin as if I am thinking, I realize I’m getting a beard
    just like my father, one hair at a time.Does that count?

    Congrats on your blog. your choice of name and you and your guts. I’m proud to know you.


  27. Just Blogging with Ma. She is very impressed and is now going to buy a large computer!

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